Have you had that difficult conversation with your parents about their end-of-life wishes?

You want to ensure that your aging parents’ final years are secure and comfortable, but it can be uncomfortable to talk to them about end-of-life issues. No one wants to think about it, but by having the conversation now, everyone will feel better prepared for the future. It can actually end up bringing everyone some peace of mind and comfort knowing the future is more securely planned.

To help you take on this tough talk, here are a few of the questions you should be asking your aging parents regarding their end-of-life wishes:

1. Do you have a living will in place?

To start, you should ask whether or not your parents each have a living will in place. A living will can be as general or specific as a person wishes, but it is generally preferable for it to be as detailed as possible. A living will can outline a person’s healthcare treatment preferences, particularly those treatment options available at the end-of-life stages. You may specify which types of treatments you would want to accept and those you would wish to forego.

2. Have you put a healthcare surrogate in place?

While a living will can include a significant amount of information, it cannot necessarily address every possible healthcare treatment scenario. This is why it can also be important for you to ask your parents whether each of them has put a healthcare surrogate in place. A health care surrogate empowers another person entrusted with the role to make health care decisions on behalf of an incapacitated individual. It may also be important for you to ask your parents about who they have selected to take on this responsibility should the need arrive. It should be a trusted, dependable individual who has the ability to make difficult decisions at difficult times.

There may be so much more to discuss with your parents regarding end of life affairs. Our office is here for you and for them. We can help guide the discussion and work to put safeguards in place so that your parents may always receive the care and protection they deserve. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.