Did you know that November is National Caregivers Month? The month is dedicated to recognizing the important role family caregivers play in our lives and in our society as a whole. This month is also dedicated to making families aware that caregivers need to care for themselves as well. Often, caregivers are stretched so thin that they are unable to set aside the time they really need for self care. Let us take some time here to discuss how you can help support and care for the family caregivers in your life.

Is your family caregiver a member of the “Sandwich Generation”? This is the generation that is caring for both an elderly or disabled relative and their own children, as well. When your family caregiver spends all day caring for a loved one, it leaves little time for him- or herself. One of the best ways to support a family caregiver is by offering your time. Volunteer for a caretaking shift. What may seem like a small amount of time to you can be a bigger help than you know to a family caretaker.

If you are unable to provide a family caretaker with your time, either because of where you live or something else, then consider helping financially. Want to offer your family caregiver a break or some assistance at least once a week? You and interested family members could pay for conveniences such as a lawn service, grocery delivery, or even a part time caretaker. This would provide the family caregiver with a reprieve once or more a week and allow the family caregiver the opportunity to take some time to care for him- or herself.

Having a long-term care plan in place will provide a family caregiver great assurance that the family loved one will always be cared for. Many times, a loved one’s needs will end up exceeding a family caregiver’s ability to adequately provide the necessary care and support the loved one requires. Long-term care planning before it is needed will help with the high cost of paying for long-term care.

Our office can provide you and the family caregivers in your life with trusted legal counsel as we develop a long-term care plan. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting time.