Privacy Policy

Security and data-tracking concerns


We collect personal information for various business purposes when you interact with us, such as providing you with a subscription, processing your order, responding to requests for service or assistance, creating and improving our products and services, suggesting additional or different products or services, and protecting our rights and property. We collect information about you in two basic ways: First, we receive information directly from you. Second, through use of cookies and other technologies, we keep track of your interactions.

Uses of Information

Your information is used to fulfill your requests and communicate with you, operate, support and improve our sites, products and services, conduct internal research, and personalize the content, products, services and advertisements offered to you.

Information Sharing

We do not sell, rent or provide your personal information to third parties that are unaffiliated with Your personal information is not shared with third parties withour your consent, except in circumstances where the law requires it to be shared.


Your Choices

  • You can stop receiving promotional emails from us by following the instructions in the email you receive.
  • You may cancel your registration or deactivate your account, or update your preferences at any time.
  • You can manage cookies using your browser controls.
  • You can opt out of the use of certain cookies.
  • Individual products or services may offer additional controls or preferences.


The information you give us


By communicating positive comments to Port Legal regarding Port Legal’s products and services you consent to allow Port Legal to use those comments in whole or in part in Port Legal’s promotional materials as well as third-party materials promoting Port Legal products.

Port Legal shall never use your full name, only your initials and general location, when identifying the source of the comments.

Infrequent Email Communications

Port Legal will from time to time deliver email offers to customers who have opted to allow us to communicate with them, though not all are subscribers to Port Legal’s email newsletters. Customers who ask to no longer receive such offers are marked as “Do Not Deliver” in our database.

Finally, if there’s ever a major error included in a Port Legal email that provides misleading information or misstates the nature of an offer, Port Legal will send a corrected version of the email, accompanied with an explanation of the problem.

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