Your Complete Guide to Serving as the Executor of an Estate

An Overview of Everything You’ll Need to be an Estate’s Executor— From Start to Finish

You’ve been asked to be the executor of a friend or loved one’s estate. You’re honored to be asked, of course, but your also feeling a little anxious. What is required from you? How long will it take? Where do you find help if you need it?

Your Complete Guide to Serving as the Executor of an Estate answers these questions and more. With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • First steps after the friend or loved one’s death
  • What happens if there isn’t a will
  • Locating, sorting, and evaluating assets
  • Probate: What is it, and is it necessary
  • And more

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About The Guide

Serving as the executor of a friend or loved one’s estate can be overwhelming. That feeling is perfectly normal— there is a lot to consider beyond distributing the deceased’s assets. You’ve probably got a lot of questions, but first and foremost, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to prepare to be an executor.  

Ideally, you’ll work with your friend or loved one to get the information you’ll need to properly do the job. This includes:

  • Location of the will
  • Location of the letter of instruction
  • Specific funeral requests

This is just the start, but the guide will take you through the whole process of acting as an executor or trustee of an estate.

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What’s inside the guide?

This guide, Your Complete Guide to Serving as the Executor of an Estate, outlines each step you’ll need to take as you act as executor of your friend or loved one’s estate. In addition to ensuring that you’re carrying out their wishes, you’ll also need to wrap up any financial and legal loose ends that might arise. From understanding what the job entails to determining where to find the help  you need when you need it, this guide will help you navigate the challenging world of executing an estate.


The information is clear and detailed; the guide is an excellent resource for anyone who has been tasked with a this

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