Regardless of whether we are facing a pandemic or not, if you are caring for an older parent and your own children, you may sometimes feel stressed, anxious, exhausted or overwhelmed. While you may also feel alone, we want you to know this is not the case. As elder care experts in Ohio, we are here to help you and your family.

As reflected in the most recent research, nearly half of middle-aged Americans are supporting their aging parents as well as their own children. This group of caregivers is collectively known as the “Sandwich Generation”.  Experts acknowledge this group faces unique challenges and concerns. They also urge Sandwich Generation caregivers to take advantage of available resources to help them find the support they need in their local community.

There are organizations specifically designed to provide relief for family caregivers. Let us share a list of the following organizations that are dedicated to providing relief for family caregivers in America: 

The Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation also facilitate access to support for caregivers whose loved ones have been diagnosed with dementia.

Many of our family caregiver clients ask us where to find additional information and material for family caregivers. We have found that, as a family caregiver, you may also find relevant information on the following websites:

  • has an online resource center that provides links to dozens of articles on topics ranging from finances to how to cope with stress and burnout, and more.
  • provides links to information about home health services and local home health agencies along with additional resources for family caregivers looking after someone on Medicare.
  •  provides online tools and information to facilitate caregiving.

Since we work with Ohio seniors and their families, we are also aware of the legal, financial and emotional concerns you may have as a caregiver. If you are caring for a loved one at high risk for COVID-19, we know you may now be feeling more stressed than ever. 

This makes it even more important to find some peace of mind, for both you and your loved one. Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we may be able to help create a plan that addresses your entire family’s needs, today.