Are you a senior living in Ohio and enjoying your retirement? If so, have you given any thought to planning for long-term care if the need arises? Do you think you may be covered under your current health insurance? Are you planning on family helping or perhaps you are not planning at all? We would like to discuss with you in our blog more about planning for long-term care in our state of Ohio.

In regard to your health insurance covering your long-term care costs, are you planning on Medicare to cover your long-term care costs? Unfortunately, even if you use Medicare for your health insurance because you are over 65, Medicare will not cover much in the way of long-term care, whether in a nursing home or in your own home. Medicare has an extremely limited nursing home benefit which only covers up to 100 days of care and only in some circumstances. It is not a reliable source of coverage if you end up needing actual long-term care.

What else could seniors do for long-term care in Ohio? Do you plan to rely on family members to help you as you get older, whether an adult child or another relative who can come to your home regularly or who you are able to move in with. Be mindful, though, that seniors are living longer these days, and with different generations living in different parts of the country, in-person consistent help from family might not be something you can rely on. This may be particularly true if your children are raising little ones at the same time you need the most help.

At this point, where can you turn for help with your long-term care plan? An important first step is to contact an experienced Ohio elder law attorney. By consulting with an elder law attorney who specializes in Medicaid planning you can find out whether you qualify for Medicaid or how you can plan to qualify for Medicaid when the need for long-term care arises. Medicaid is not automatic, your qualification depends on your income and assets at the time of your application for coverage. The sooner you meet with an Ohio elder law attorney who specializes in Medicaid, the better the attorney may be able to help you plan for the future. If you are able to qualify for coverage, Medicaid will cover all nursing home costs you may need in the future

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive probate, trust, Medicaid, asset protection and elder care legal help in central Ohio. Our office can assist with the planning necessary to achieve their goals. While it may feel like an uncomfortable topic to broach, in the long run, helping loved ones plan for their future is critical. Elder care attorneys can help families navigate specialized areas of the law, including matters of long term care, social security, and health care directives, so loved ones get what they need no matter where they are in the continuum of care. We encourage you to contact us and schedule a meeting.